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Mississippi Public Schools by County

Mississippi's debt is far higher than that of any other watercourse on the North American continent. The most part of the territory lies between the Rocky Mountains and the Allegheny Mountains, that is to say a hydrographic basin of about 3 200 000 km2. In addition to Missouri, its main tributaries are Red, Arkansas and Ohio. Its total length is 3 770 km and the navigable section that comprises all waterways in the system is about 25 900 km.

Due to the climatic areas it crosses, Mississippi is a relationship between the moderate world and the tropical world. It takes its source in the region of the Itasca lake trays, in northwestern Minnesota, 512 m above sea level. Leaving Lake Itasca, the river is about 3.7 m wide. Your bed then follows a north-south direction that no longer leaves until its mouth. In Minneapolis, where it falls from 20 m to the falls of Santo-Antoine, the breadth of the river exceeds 300 Mr. Minneapolis is as far upstream as possible the point of the possible navigation area over the Mississippi, which then receives the river from Moisnes, a tributary on the right bank, then Saint Louis, Missouri, another tributary on the right bank.

At the mouth of Ohio, a tributary of the left bank, the breadth of the Mississippi reached almost 1.4 km. Banha Memphis, Tennessee, then receives Arkansas, a tributary of the right bank.

Missouri to the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi meanders through immense alluvial extensions whose amplitude varies between 60 and 110 km. The weakness of the slope, accentuated by numerous meanders, causes a very slow flow.

Although extremely fertile, these regions are not cultivated to their full potential due to the risk of flooding.

The snow cast iron and the ice in the upper basin inflate the lower currents from March to June. Numerous retention dikes extend today for more than 2,500 km. Most of them were built after the floods of 1927, the most important floods ever recorded, given that the river reached the maximum heights of 17.2 m this year. to Cairo (Illinois) and 18 m to Vicksburg. Every ten years, approximately - 1937,1965,1973,1983 and 1993 -, of the floods devastated the regions located north of Cape Girardeau (Missouri) and even Wisconsin, causing considerable damage and interrupting river commercial circulation.

The Mississippi is reduced to approaching the Red so as not to exceed an amplitude of 900 Mr. he then bathes Vara - red, Louisiana. New Orleans, its amplitude is only more than 750 Mr. the installation of a system of retention lakes near the fountains of the Mississippi, as well as the construction on the river and on its tributaries of several dams that allow to dam the floods , allowed to maintain a relatively regular debt. Downstream of the Red, the river crosses a large number of bayous before spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. It is then divided into a wide delta with multiple branches, which advances in the sea over more than 100 km. The average flow of the Mississippi is about 18,000 m3 / s, which represents twelve times that of the Rhône, but only the fifth of the of the Amazon. The sediments it transports represent a volume of around 300 million m3 per year. In order to avoid filling caused by these bulky deposits and by the constant modifications caused by the floods, the jetties were built from 1875 in order to conserve to the river a depth of more than 9 m. The mouth of the Mississippi knows practically no tides.

  • COUNTRYAAH.COM: Provides a list of all holidays in the state of Mississippi when both banks and schools are closed, including national wide and world holidays, such as New Year, Christmas, and Thanksgiving Day, as well as regional holidays of Mississippi.
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Mississippi Public Schools by County

Universities in Mississippi

University of Mississippi in Oxford
The state University of Mississippi in the city of Oxford was founded in 1848. That is why it is also known as Ole Miss. In addition to the main campus in Oxford, the University of Mississippi also has branches in Booneville, Southaven and Tupelo. During the American Civil War, the University of Mississippi was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers. At the University of Mississippi, James Meredith, the first African-American student in the United States, enrolled at a university in 1962. In 2008 part of the University of Mississippi was declared a National Historic Landmark. The University of Mississippi has also had the only legal marijuana farm in the entire United States since 1968. Currently studying about 19.


University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg
The state University of Southern Mississippi was founded in 1910 and is one of the three major universities in Mississippi. The University of Southern Mississippi is also known as Southern Miss. The university has an excellent reputation for study abroad programs. Furthermore, the artistic education at the university has a great reputation and is one of the best in the southern United States. There are currently approximately 16,000 students studying at the University of Southern Mississippi.


Jackson State University in Natchez
The state-owned Jackson State University in the city of Natchez was founded in 1877 and was initially intended to serve the African-American population. Because of its history, Jackson State University is a special place of the civil rights movement. The Jackson State University Botanical Garden is also located on the university campus. There are currently approximately 8,000 students studying at Jackson State University.


Mississippi State University in Starkville
Mississippi State University in the city of Starkville was founded in 1878 as The Agricultural and Mechanical College of the State of Mississippi and has only been given its current name since 1958. In addition to its main campus in Starkville, Mississippi State University also has field offices in Meridian and Vicksburg. Mississippi State University has an excellent reputation in the field of agricultural science and is considered the best university in the southern United States in this area. With approximately 20,000 students currently, Mississippi State University is the largest university in the state of Mississippi.


University in Jackson
Belhaven University in the city of Jackson is a private, Christian university and was founded in 1883. The Christian influence is not visible in the selection of subjects that can be studied at Belhaven University, but Belhaven University sees its mission in "preparing students academically and spiritually to serve Jesus Christ". Around 3,000 students are currently studying at Belhaven University.



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